CBD infused beer

 Well I thought I had seen it all !, what ever next to make money from CBD oil,

CBD infused beer, what started off as a fantastic scientific discovery is slowing becoming a farce and certain companies are belittling this gift of mother nature that if used correctly as tremendous health benefits for all of us.

Since when did CBD infused beer and CBD oil become a match in heaven “NEVER” I do not think I have heard of a story of anyone taking marijuana going around causing mayhem, Yet we have all seen many instances on a daily basis of alcohol fuelled  chaos.

Perhaps I am old school and think everything as it’s place,and no way do these two opposites go together, To me it is a recipe for disaster, and should be nipped in the bud “excuse the pun”.

CBD infused beer will never in my opinion have a place anywhere in my products list and I am urging everyone who as a shred of decency not to get involved with this money making scheme and boycott it..

CBD oil helps people with certain ailments, alcohol causes problems to your health in the long term, so I don’t think it takes much working out to say that this is not going to be a favourite of mine, However you will find CBD oil infused coffee here and we have got a lot of positive feedback especially from some of our customers who suffer with COPD and Asthma who say it as helped them cut down on their daily intake of Ventolin.

We hope you like our take on the CBD infused beer and would love to hear from you, and please if you have anything you would like to add about CBD oil in anyway please leave a comment below.

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