Who invented CBD oil.

Dr. Roger Adams invented cbd oil and his team in America, Illinois in the 1940’s. But apparently he did not even realise his discovery until years later.

There are a lot of individuals who believe that CBD oil products are a new revolutionary thing, however there are people who believe it goes back as far as 2000 BCE. … According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, …

So before I go any further, “Thank you Dr Roger Adams” for being the person who discovered CBD oil.


Since then there as been so many studies from numerous Doctors and pharmaceutical companies researching the pros and cons of the chemical make up of marijuana and the impact it can have on the body.

Unfortunately the bad stigma that has surrounded Mary J, “This is what I like to call this gift of nature” as had decades of bad publicity by the powers that be for their own purposes, but that is for another day, back to who invented CBD oil and how it has come on since the 1940’s.

Now the real break through came in 1946 by a gentleman named Dr. Walter S. Loewe.

He discovered that CBD does NOT alter your state of mind after tests on lab animals, In that same year emerged another gentleman, 
Professor Raphael Mechoulam who’s groundbreaking research discovered CBD’s three dimensional make up and is often given the credit for the man who discovered CBD, 

Further research carried on into the 1960’s and was carried out on primates, this inevitably brought about the first CBD oil that was meant 
meant for therapeutic use and was released by the British Pharmacopoeia.

Over the following 20 years research carries on until In 1980, Dr. Mechoulam made another breakthrough in CBD history when he ran a study which showed cannabidiol could be a key factor in treating epilepsy.

I will leave it there as I could carry on forever and a day about my love for “Mary J”.

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