In a nutshell, yes CBD oil is legal in the UK. There are a certain number of rules and restrictions surrounding the substance.

UK laws changed in 2016 to recognise CBD as a medicine. The main reason for this was due to a number of scientific studies surrounding its use. This legalisation created the gateway for CBD to be legally sold and manufactured for recreational use.

Whilst the use of cannabis oil is still outlawed, any CBD product purchased in the UK is legal if it’s been derived from one of the 63 EU industrial approved hemp strains. If you are wondering why cannabis oil is still illegal, don’t get confused between the two. Cannabis oil is outlawed due to the THC component present which more or less causes the user to get ‘high’.

The majority of CBD oils legally sold in the UK will contain little to no THC (under 0.5%), it will not in any way change the users state of mind. Though it can produce changes in the body and promote medical benefits.

The MHRA ruled that if CBD is being advertised for medical purposes, it needs to be licensed. Licenses for CBD oil as a medicine have not been granted yet.

In other words, CBD is technically legal in the UK, just so long as claims are not made about its medical benefits.

But we all know that the benefits of CBD Oil are real,