CBD infused tea

CBD infused tea is a great way to start the day, we are proud to offer CBD tea to the UK.

It is full flavour and made from full spectrum CBD oil, why not try it today and discover this tremendous combination.

We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised at how the flavours arouse your taste buds.

There are 3 of our teas here to try at our store.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Infused English Breakfast Tea 28g Bag With 56mg CBD
  • Full Spectrum CBD Infused Ginger & Turmeric Herbal Infusion 28g Bag 56mg CBD
  • Full Spectrum CBD Infused Sencha Green 28g Bag With 56mg CBD

Furthermore we have taken our time in finding what we believe to be a trusted supplier of high grade CBD products.

Buying CBD products in the UK can be a bit of a minefield at the moment because it is not governed.

This in itself leaves the doors open to abuse, Always check that who you are buying from can show a verified certification of authenticity.


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